SWTOR view on Free-to-play

Interview with Daniel Erickson about subscription-based MMOs;

Q: Is it reasonable think we’ll keep seeing more subscription-based MMOs being developed even though there’s a push in the market for F2P and microtransaction-based titles?

DE: Absolutely. In everything from magazines to cable TV to MMOs there are multiple market segments with their own pricing and revenue generation stream. What we’ve seen repeatedly is that people will pay subscriptions for top tier, best of show quality products (The Economist, HBO, World of Warcraft) but they will not pay for many of them at once. I expect to see a small group of games compete for the subscription dollar and a larger group take on the F2P market with smaller, faster produced games that try to establish a core market then use the revenue streams created from that small market to improve and expand their game. In that market the best ones will stay around and the less exciting entries will fall off fairly quickly. I’m excited to see what’s coming next!

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We are most likely to see a traditional subscription-based MMOs, they do not seem to have any plans for F2P/microtransaction-based, which is quite a good news for the future SWTOR players.

SWTOR.CA team in beta!

Some of us are currently testing the beta for SWTOR. As you may be aware, we cannot and will NOT give out any informations about the game before we are allowed to. But we are indeed gathering a LOT of information about the game to share with you as soon as we can! Please do not post any leaked beta informations on our forums/website, thank you for your cooperation.

On a side note, the website is still under-construction, you may encounter bugs but the forum should not be affected. We are cuttentely recruiting future moderator for our forums. By the way, our forums are currently occupied by a french guild, Awaken, they will be moved down bellow when we feel it’s time make it so.


Example of a Guild Spotlight

Every now and then, we are going to feature a guild in our “Guild Spotlight”.
For our first Spotlight we decided to talk about Awaken (This is a test post, this post will be edited and reposted later on);

 Awaken is currently the biggest french-speaking guild in the world with his 225+ members. Still going strong with an average of 5 people applying everyday, they were created by me, Melace.

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  1. maciavel says:

    I never had problem with F2P type of game. the problem i have is they have some microtransactions usually in it and it does favorise people who don’t mind paying for better gear. Wich to me is the complete opposite of MMo where you want to reward good players for their efforts. Although companies wanna make cash and they wanna grab casual players too, so thats the other side of the medal